About Hossein Mos’hafi

Welcome to my world !

My name is “Hossein Moshafi (or Mos-hafi)” and I have Ph.D. in physics. I was born in Tehran the capital of great country of IRAN. When I was a little kid always I was enjoying gazing at the stars. Then I grew up few years I found I have interests to manipulation of electronic circuits in addition to stars. But when I was in last years of high-school I had a lot of profound questions about nature and philosophy.

So I chose studying Physics at Sharif University of Technology(SUT)  to find some answers for my  questions about stars and nature. During bachelor courses I became interested in Cosmology as an attempt of humanity to study universe as a whole. Also with advance of technology in 21th century my interest to electronics turned to computer world.

So for master of physics I started work with Sadeghat Shahid Beheshti University(SBU)in observational cosmology with computational approach. During M.Sc. project I worked on several topics such as: observational constraints of variable dark energy models, observational constraints of some inflationary scenarios, statistical properties of Cosmic Microwave Background and etc. .

Then I left SBU to find new scientific atmosphere and I chose Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences (IASBS)  for Ph.D. course. During my Ph.D. I worked with Shant on structure formation in modified gravity models. Also in collaboration with Sadegh I worked on two-point correlation of the peaks in CMB data as a statistical tool for studying features of CMB. Also I worked on several dynamical dark energy models and their evolution and perturbations.

Besides research and scientific work, I teach astronomy for young students and collaborate in science development activities.

I love studying books in different topics specially : novels and Persian literature, philosophy, biography.

Also I’m fond of photography and I take some photos from nature which you can find some them on my Instagram.