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Welcome to Hossein Mos’hafi personal Homepage.

I’m a computational cosmologist at Ibn Sina interdisciplinary lab of Physics Department of Shahid Beheshti University in IRAN. Also I’m teaching Astronomy & Astrophysics Olympiad for high-school students.

My field of research is mainly observational cosmology including observational constraints on dark energy models, early universe models, future forecast for models and etc. .

I’m expert in using cosmological codes such as: CosmoMC, CAMB, CLASS, CosmoLib, Gadget2, HEALPix, GLESPand etc. . You can find more about cosmological codes here. Also there is some useful stuff about science of my works here.

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Here is also my CV.

Hossein Mos’hafi

Physicist, Cosmologist, Expert in Cosmological Codes